Unko Button

makes the whole family pumped up about the baby's poo!


We are now planning a kickstarter project which we aim to launch U.S. version of Unko button.

Just one push!

Wet hands? Can’t find your phone? Never mind. You just need to push the button when you change baby’s diapers. Unkobutton sends the timestamp and pee/poo label to the app, It’s done.

Easy to share

Can’t leave it to the helper because app stores data only to your phone? Don’t warry, button has access anybody at your home and you just invite someone with chat message to share the records.

Texting as a bot

Your partner is not interested in baby care? Let’s report your baby’s status. Unko button saves a excresion record to the App and texting to the group chat as a bot at the same time.